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We are happy to answer your climbing questions!

Got climbing questions? No problem!

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a very popular and fun type of rock climbing which does not use ropes or any special equipment. Climbers scale 8-17 Ft walls and risk falling to a 16" padded flooring surface in the event that they should fall from the wall.

Do I need training before I start?

You can drop in and get started anytime! You do not need to schedule an appointment or call ahead and our friendly staff can answer any climbing questions that you may have to get you started today! Each climber will need to complete a safety orientation prior to climbing. To get signed up for a bouldering intro class click Here.

Can I drop in anytime?

Yes! Come on in anytime we are open. We will give you our safety orientation,  get you checked in, and after you sign our waiver you can climb all day! It is preferred that all climbers complete waivers before arrival to speed check in. To complete the waiver click Here.

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Always have a spotter when climbing

Is Bouldering safe for kids and people in general?

Kids should always be supervised and spotted when they climb to make sure that they do not exceed their individual abilities. KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN INSIDE THE GYM! THE CHANCE OF A CLIMBER FALLING ON THEM IS GREATLY INCREASED WHEN THEY ARE ALLOWED TO RUN OR THEY ARE GENERALLY UNSUPERVISED! Never allow a child to walk, run, or climb below another climber! Adults need to be careful not to exceed their abilities as well. You should always climb within your comfort zone and use a spotter to reduce your risk. It is possible to be injured if you do not exercise good judgment and climb carefully.

Can I bring my own climbing shoes?

Absolutely! We do require climbing shoes to be worn in the gym. You can rent them from us but if you have your own pair bring them on in!

What’s the age minimum?

Eighteen months is generally the minimum age for climbing. Children should be supervised at all times and spotted while they are actually climbing. You are responsible for the safety of any children that you bring to the gym.

Can I leave my child while I run errands?

No. All children must be accompanied by an Adult at all times.

Can I sign a waiver for a friends kid?

No. It is perfectly acceptable for you to bring children that you are babysitting however every child must have a waiver which has been signed by their parent or their legal guardian. Waivers can be completed online or be printed, filled out, and brought into the gym. A member of the Rockboxx crew will need to verify verbally that the kid's legal guardian has in fact signed the waiver for their child to climb.

Have more questions? - Give us a call! (503) 371-3134