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Youth parties and instruction

Looking for a great place in Salem to host a birthday party? Climbing parties rock! Easily book online here. If you are looking for fun activities for kids our party room is perfect for all types of parties, and can be rented out for a very reasonable price. Bookings include passes for up to 24 kids to climb in the gym! Bouldering gyms are actually argueably more kid friendly than top rope climbing gyms. As opposed to having to wait for routes to open up and being harrnessed and connected to a rope, kids can start climbing quickly. A bouldering orientation must be viewed, and a waiver must be completed and signed for each climber prior to climbing. Waivers are then stored in our system, and can be looked up for any visits after the first visit. We have climbing instruction available for children as an option as well. Our after school programs, and kids climbing camps will also help your kids gain climbing skill while having fun. Children should be supervised and spotted at all times while in the gym. All climbing can be dangerous. Spotters also have the possibility of sustaining injury and should exercise caution as well.


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Know before you go

KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN INSIDE THE GYM! THE CHANCE OF A CLIMBER FALLING ON THEM IS GREATLY INCREASED WHEN THEY ARE ALLOWED TO RUN OR THEY ARE GENERALLY UNSUPERVISED! Never allow a child to walk, run, or climb below another climber!. A waiver for each kid who plans to climb will need to be completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to climbing. This waiver can be completed online and only needs to be done the first time any particular person climbs. Our data banks store the waivers and they can be found easily by our staff each time you or your kid is checked in to climb after that. Birthday parties at the Rock Boxx are fun, affordable and highly memorable! Get your kids on their way to becoming bouldering experts today

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