Message to our members and supporters



This all seems surreal and temporarily closing the gym has been a heavy decision. We are a small business built on blood, sweat, and tears and we are very grateful for the support and fun times we have had since opening up in 2016.

Keeping the virus under control is a community effort and we feel that we must do our part to keep the community healthy and happy. Please do what you can to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe during this chaotic time.


Temporary closure

Effective immediately the Rock Boxx will temporarily be closed for business. We will continually reassess the situation with the virus and reopen when it is safe to do so. We will update everyone with any necessary info regarding the gym’s status as it becomes available.

Our staff

The Rock Boxx has become an amazing business because of our awesome staff, and we are very grateful for them. We are working hard to support our staff and provide them with hours by making improvements inside the gym during the closure period. We will also be cleaning and sanitizing all climbing holds and surfaces. All employees are being mandatorily required to wear face masks, and are choosing to continuing working some hours during our closure to support themselves and their families. 





Gym improvements

During the closure we will be adding a significant amount of new climbing surface onto our top out boulder! This will add a considerable amount of new terrain for full length boulder problems. We will also be resurfacing the large prow structure. We plan to see the closure through and open back up better than ever! Check back here periodically to see what we have in the works for you when we reopen. Updates will be posted here in the near future. In the meantime practice good CDC recommended techniques for minimizing the spread of the virus and stay healthy all!

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Gym membership options

Our members have the option of cancelling their membership, freezing their membership, or continuing with their membership as is to help support the gym and help create hours for our staff. You can use our membership resources page to indicate what you would like done with your membership without having to call the gym.

  • Auto-pay members will recieve a pro-rated credit on their accounts applied to next month’s dues. (This will happen automatically and requires no action from the individual member) 
  • Pre-paid members members will have their membership extended the length of the closure.
  • There will be no membership freeze fees during this time. 

Use membership resources link below to indicate what you would like us to do with your membership. We will be putting out some social media and website updates for those who continue paying dues, or anyone otherwise interested, so that you all can see the ways that the dues are being spent. For our die hards, you will be amazing with what we are putting together inside the gym to put a positive spin on an otherwise epidemic time in all of our lives. 

Please read all the available information in our membership resources page prior to calling the gym. Thank you Salem and surrounding areas. Hoping that everyone stays healthy and strong and we will all be climbing together again in no time!