Things to do in Salem Oregon

Looking for fun things to do in Salem Oregon after the climb? Check out some of these great local spots here in town. We appreciate the hard work that goes into making small businesses run and the owners of some of these spots have definitely helped the Rock Boxx come into existence. Get your climb on and then check these guys out! Click the images to be taken to the websites of these excellent places.

Venti's Taphouse and Cafe

Venti's has two locations in Salem and could be described as a modern eclectic cafe with a multitude of delicious beers and ciders on tap. Check ahead and you can go when they have a great band playing! Great place to enjoy the patio during the summer months and check out some beautiful art pieces. If you are a Rock Boxx monthly member you can get a special deal when you visit Venti's!

Vagabond Brewing

Vagabond is one of Salem's largest breweries, and one of the best music venues as well. Locally owned by 3 Marines, Vagabond is know to go all out for the birthday of the Marine Corps, Halloween, and many other occasions. Check out their flagship brewery or any of several additional locations that they have recently opened up.

Taproot Cafe


Another great healthy food choice with a highly entertaining atmosphere! With great beers and ciders on tap, many creative juice bar options, coffee, and a great tea selection its hard to go wrong at Taproot Cafe! Definitely one of the most unique decors and atmospheres that you will find in Salem.

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Party at the Rock Boxx!

The Rock Boxx is an excellent place to have your party! We have two different spaces that you can rent out for affordable parties of all types. Need kids birthday party ideas? Climbing parties are a gauranteed blast! Get more information on our party room rentals Here.

Exitus Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the ultimate team game. A small group of individuals willingly locked inside a room with one common goal – to get out before the clock hits zero. The timer starts once the door shuts. Each room contains a unique theme and storyline. A very immersive and unique way to have a great time with friends!

Rabbit Hole Virtual Reality 

Rabbit Hole Reality is a Virtual Reality Arcade located in Salem, Oregon. A Virtual Reality Arcade is much like the classic arcades of the ‘80’s but instead of standing at a cabinet looking at a screen, you wear a headset that whisks you way to other worlds in almost complete immersion. Virtual reality party!

Tsunami Taproom

The Tsunami Taproom has a great laid back surfer vibe and many beers and ciders on tap! Located in South Salem area off commercial, the Tsunami Taproom is one of the closest spots to grab a cold one after getting your climb on at The Rock Boxx. Wednesday nights ladies can get the best of both worlds and recieve discounts at both spots! Every Wednesday night ladies can get a discounted climbing day pass at the Rock Boxx and then head to the Tsunami Taproom for discounts on pints as well! Best time you can have in Salem for sure!